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I was going to do a separate post for all my workouts, but eff that! One lump post, here you go.

May was a pretty light workout month, almost non-existent. It should have been a very heavy month.

Thursday, May 26
Run – 37:38
TE 3.3
157 avg
177 peak
343 kcals
Harlem > Central Park. Hot as hell!

Monday, May 30 – Memorial Day!
Run – 40:38
TE 4.1
170 avg
186 peak
442 kcals
This was down the Promenade, then over and back on the Brooklyn Bridge. Hot as hell. Touristy as hell. Stinky as hell as they are painting the bridge.

I don’t think I worked out for the 4 days here, but I could be wrong. The 31st I had to wait for a fridge delivery and then I had some interviews, the 1st I walked over the BK Bridge and back to pick up a new router, the 2nd was my birthday, the 3rd I traveled back to SF. Nope! No workouts!

Saturday, June 4
Spin class plus more – 1:07:09
TE 3.3
147 avg
176 peak
533 kcals
Caroline Jordan in the house!

Sunday, June 5
Ran and biked 1:46:04
TE 3.6
151 avg
190 peak
896 kcals
:34:22 run, 1:09:21 bike. Some other Lap I marked on my HRM but I have no idea why. I biked to Lincoln, down Great Highway because it’s closed on Sundays, around Lake Merced, then back.

Monday, June 6
Swam 1,000 yards – 500 swim/500 pull

Tuesday, June 7
Spin workout 1:12:01
TE 3.0
143 avg
176 peak
526 kcals
Danny Baker in the house!

Wednesday, June 8
Speed run of 30 minutes.
TE 3.4
158 avg
186 peak
305 kcals

Thursday, June 9 (today!)
Rode my bike but the timing got screwed up bc it only says 52:20 and a TE of 2.4. WRONG. In reality I rode for 1:15:00 and it was hard as hell. (Thank you Danny Baker!). I then actually did some stretching after, whoa!
134 avg
173 peak
342 kcals


Week re-cap:

drove from SF to Barstow. Days Inn. No workout.

drove from Barstow to Vegas. Mandalay Bay. Blue Man Group. Stefan did his training in the wave pool. I swam a little in the pool, and went around the Lazy River (does that count as a swim?!)

drove from Vegas to St. George, UT. Got settled. Went to Costco. Forgot to change the clocks forward!! It stays light late here.

we swam in the reservoir, which is where the Stefan will swim Saturday. It was damn cold, wetsuit and all. We went to the Expo, he registered, and then we did some (more) food shopping. Then we biked the run course, it was hot and very very hilly. That marathon is going to be a bitch. Mike came to cheer on the German!

So far today Stefan did a swim/bike/run. Here is a pic of him in the pool this morning, he looks so relaxed! –
turning around in the pool

He is such a beautiful swimmer.

Now we have to go drop off his bike and get him BodyMarked!

Tonight I have my volunteer meeting at 7 (I’m going to be a wetsuit peeler!).

Tomorrow we are up at 4am. It’s going to be a long day…

This past weekend was a blur… Saturday I woke up not feeling too hot. Throat hurting and a stuffed nose to boot. But Jessie picked me up at 2 and we went down to mid-cal for the Wildflower Olympic on Sunday in Bradley, CA. We met Nancy and had a great dinner at Thomas Hill Organics, even though it took forever. They made me a really nice vegan dish. But it did take forever. Then we went back to the hotel and we all slept well at the La Quinta in Paso Robles. It was a sweet room; huge!

Sunday we were up at 5:30; the girls went to breakfast but I had stomach drama so I didn’t go eat. We left for the race at 6:30; were racked and set up by 9. We passed a house that said, “Golden Retriever puppies” and I was *this* close to getting a puppy instead of racing (not really). The location of the race was gorgeous but wow were there a lot of people there. We had only a teeny area to set up and it seemed that all the women around me were doing their first Olympic so I was trying to keep it calm and not be too chatty. I just didn’t feel like it.

My heat was at 10:40. I had a good swim; it was my first time using a wetsuit! Jeez that makes it way easier. I was feeling really good until this woman in a purple cap (the heat behind me) just glided by like she was being pulled by a boat. haha! But I did catch some heats that were 2 ahead, so I was ok with that. My transition was ok, I was not trying to go too hard. I almost crashed leaving the transition but thankfully I didn’t. Then it was up and down, up and down. The hills were kinda brutal. At the turn around I felt good and grabbed a gatorade bottle (because I don’t feel comfortable reaching for my water bottle… don’t judge me!) and drank that.

Then I had the 4th slowest transition to the run; my left knee was killing me and I chatted to Jessie for a bit. I ran/walked the run; it was hot and I was kinda over it. But the last mile+ was all downhill so I killed that and finished strong! People were yelling at me “WAY TO FINISH STRONG!” and I yelled back “I WALKED HALF OF IT!” :)… I finished and went right back into the water to cool off. I was feeling a little crappy since I had gels and caffeine shot bloks and hadn’t eaten anything solid. But I finished and it felt really good.

Here are my times:

overall: 3:24:47
swim: :28:26
bike: 1:41:54
run: 1:03:57

There is also super cool video of me finishing here:

Then we drove back and I met up with the German. That was Sunday night.

Monday morning we went to get the car, then went to Bruce’s to get gear, then to Kinsley’s to pack up the rest of the schtuff, then we hit the road around 2:45 to head to Stefan’s race, the St. George Ironman.

More on that next!

Thursday I spun for 1:30:23 very easy because I just had no energy. I remember it being :24 minutes in and thinking, “omg wtf I have over an HOUR to go?!”. Little did I know later that day my throat would start to hurt.

TE 1.9
HR 131 avg
HR 157 peak
557 kcals

Friday (today) I swam for :36:40 and felt pretty good. 400 wu and 6×200. I went slow and had some contact lens drama but other than that it was ok. I did wake up with a sore throat though, damnit.

Then I chatted with the nice maintenance lady in the locker room and tried to tell her I was going away for a month and I think she comprende and I think she said that if she gets 4 days off she’s lucky.

Tomorrow Jessie and I go to Bradley, CA for Wildflower on Sunday. My first tri in 4 years! Or maybe it’s been 5? And then Monday starts the Great Road Trip of 2011. SF > Barstow > Vegas > St. George > Zion > Death Valley > SF. Whoa!

Dear Diary,

Friday I was semi-hungover from the Rickhouse the night before. I was drinking the drink whose names was in homage to its previous haunt, the Ginger’s Trois. So what I did was walk-run on the treadmill for :30. Lame, but beter than nothing.

Saturday I was up and at ’em and swam for :32, rode my bike for 1:35, and ran for :30. Then I went over to Bruce’s house and organized my stuff for the big road trip coming up. I went to bed at 9:30.
swim: 32:13
bike: 1:34:06 (140 HR avg)
run 33:41 (166 HR avg)

TE 3.7
HR 146 avg
HR 185 peak
kcals 1,001

Sunday I woke up at like 4, ouch. Jessie and I were going to go for a bike ride, but it was raining. Boo! So I had Easter breakfast with Kins and the boys… strawberry shortcake! And the Easter Bunny brought me a basket! Then I did a lot of laundry and took a nap. I was supposed to go to the Hunky Jesus Contest but when I woke up it was super nice out in SF and so I got on my bike and tested my new shoes and cleats instead. Wildflower is next weekend so I should be on my bike as much as possible.

Today I got up and ran for :40. It was a great treadmill run, I wish all my runs would be like that. I did:

:05 warm up at 6mph
:10 +2 stops faster
:15 +2 stops faster
:20 +2 stops faster
:25 +2 stops faster
:30 +2 stops faster
:35 +2 stops faster then 2 more stops faster. I was eventually running 7:30 mile minutes. Fast!
:40 warm down

TE 3.8
HR 163 avg
HR 183 peak
396 kcals

This morning I woke up at 5:29, and got to the gym at 6:23.

My normal spin guy was not there this morning, we had a sub. He was ok. I do appreciate the Daft Punk in the am though, brings me back to a few Burning Man sunrises for some reason.

Here are some fun Daft Punk videos that deserve another viewing:

classic Daft Hands

and Daft Bodies

Now someone at work is blasting “Take My Breath Away” so now I feel like seeing Top Gun. Ugh, great.

I spun for an hour, then swam for :30. But somehow my HRM got totally jacked up and it wouldn’t turn off. So I called the suunto 800 number and I talked to this woman who instructed me how to fix it. She knew how to work this HRM like no other. Then, as I was listening to her, I realized that she sounded just like a producer I’ve worked with before, so I said, “Are you Italian by any chance?” And she said, laughing, “Yes, I am.” And then I said “And have you spent time in the UK?” and she kinda gasped and said “Wow, yes I have.” And I said, “I thought so, you sound exactly like this woman Valentina I’ve worked with.” It was so weird, she was her audio twin! Total sound twin. It was nuts.

Oh! And there was a 3.8 in SF yesterday. Shook my chair hard. Yuck.

Today the fog rolled into San Francisco and boy is it thick.

I did my own little triathlon today:

swim: :21:33:70
bike: 1:15:21
run: :39:33:20, but I got the worst side cramp in the history of side cramps and I had to walk a lot. I was only supposed to do :30 and it took me :39 to finish. Bust! But the first 1/2 of the run I felt great.

hr 156 avg
hr 181 peak
total 2:16:28
kcals 1,014
TE 3.5

I did eat the caffeine orange shot bloks and they work, let me tell you.

Leaving the gym they were shooting something called Top Gear. Market Street was closed and there was a little car being shot by a zooming matte black SUV with one of those articulating jib arms.

Oh and I swam in my contacts, rode and ran with them too. It’s amazing to be able to read your watch during training!

Last night we went to dinner with B and A at starbelly and it was so much fun. My ‘shroom ‘za was so yummy.

This morning I overslept (well, I didn’t really want to get up) and so I went to spin class at lunch instead. :45 minutes. It was super hard.

156 hr avg
176 hr peak
407 kcals
TE 3.5

Tomorrow is another day!

Last night we went to Mexican for dinner in West Portal, it was good! This morning was another photo finish running for the MUNI. This time Stefan jumped on the train too to get to 19th ave so he could hit the pool.

Today I did the annoying spin class then stayed on for an hour total (I would have gone longer but I had to go to the bathroom!) I am sorry but the teacher is just annoying. She is just not at the Equinox level. I think the amount of people in the class is indicative that she is just not cutting the mustard; there were about 10-12 that started and then 2-3 left during class. Compared to the Tuesday 6:30 class, which is almost to capacity at 40+ bikes and no one leaves; that’s a big difference.

Then I ran for :30 (warm up/8% incline/7%/6%/then repeat) and had super thick socks on and my feet didn’t hurt that badly but still the blisters are there and they are also annoying. I did use one of those fancy wet cold towels with eucalyptus on it the gym provides to refresh oneself so that was nice!

Bike = 1:00:25, 136 hr avg
“transition” (bathroom break) = :08, 103 hr avg
Run = :30.04, 170 hr avg

total 1:39:45

total 750 kcals
187 peak
143 avg
TE 3.6

One thing that sucks is that my watch asked me if I wanted to change my Class Activity from 8.5 to 8.0, which means that my watch does not think that I work out hard enough to be 8.5. Bust. I didn’t change it.

When I was getting dressed I asked the nice lady who works in the ladies locker room “como esta?” and that started an entire conversation en Espanol that I only got about 30%. She answered “muy contenta” which I thought was so lovely. Then it carried over to the mirror area, then it continued until I was leaving. I think she was starved to talk to someone in Spanish that did not work there. She made cute little gestures about my shoes and my dress and I think it meant she liked them (it could have been “Get thee to a nunnery, you whore!”) and then I said “hasta manana!” and she continued to talk about something (it really sounded like she was saying “mucho calore”, which would mean she was calling me ‘hot’) until I was out of the locker room.

Today I broke ranks and did not get a “plain-bagel-peanut-butter-jelly” at Lee’s. I got a starbucks instead and was HIGHLY CAFFEINATED for the morning. In fact it’s almost 3 and I am still sipping on it.

Today I got up at 5:28, and MUNI was effed. I waited for the train and then when it came, it was a bus! So we got shuttled to West Portal where we all had to change to an inbound. What a hassle, it made me late for class (again). Why do I get stressed at being late for a 6:30 AM class? Because the teacher is super cool and he says things like “Folks, we’re gonna work your beautiful walking sticks today” and “I always win my age group in every race I do… 44 Jewish males from Idaho”. He is comic relief early in the morning.

I spun for 1:15:37 and then swam for :22:59, but there was a LINE to swim in the pool. That’s right, a line. But I think that’s because I was about :15 later than normal since MUNI effed me. So of course I couldn’t swim that long. Bust. (There was also a line to shower before going into the pool, so I didn’t do that either. Ew!)

Total kcals were 671, 174 peak hr, 143 avg hr, TE 2.7. I had a 13:58 break between getting changed into my suit and waiting to swim! SHEESH!

Also, today for the first time EVER I tried contact lenses!! What the what!? The entire world is new and sharp. So glad I just paid all this money on a new pair of Prada’s…

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