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Not only is it 84 degrees in SF, but I am wearing the CUTEST outfit and shoes today! I think I will dress more girly all the time. (haha not really, who am I kidding). I’m still so sick so I needed to at least look good today on the outside.

I am still so sick. Ridiculously congested. I am getting crap sleep but tomorrow I have the day off so hooray!

This morning I went to the gym and ran for :40 like this:

:05 warm up
:05 @ 8% incline @ 4mph
:05 @ 7% incline @ 4mph
:05 @ 6% incline @ 4mph
:05 @ 5% incline @ 4.5mph
:05 @ 4% incline @ 4.5mph
:05 @ 3% incline @ 5.5mph
:05 @ 2% incline @ 6mph

I tried to stay slow on purpose since I can’t breath that well.

Then I went and did those glider disc things – lunges and mountain climbers. Ouch. I love those things.

The German told me to swim since I am so sick but I just got my nails done and didn’t want to ruin them. :/ wah wah wah. He would never understand that. Good thing he doesn’t read this blog anymore!


It’s gorgeous outside today. In the 70’s, which in SF is hot.

Last night I ran 3.75 miles with Dave the Wonder Dog. We ran down to the park where last time Dave peed on the “Warning: Coyotes have been Spotted in the Park” sign. This time I was ready with a correction if he peed again, but he didn’t. Instead he tried to pick a fight with a 5 month old OEM (Old English Mastiff) named Sampson who was the cutest wiggly worm ever. Dave does not have the best manners, but he was going to be killed the day after Kinsley adopted him so I guess it’s better to not have the best manners than dead! The sun was going down and it was getting cold. And today I think I suffered because I think my cold got worse!

I brought my stuff to go run after work but forgot that we’re having a launch party for this campaign I have been slaving over, so instead I’m going to go hang with my co-workers who are all going to be sloppy drunk. And me? I’ll have 2 glasses of wine and then want to crawl in bed. I am not the life of the party any longer, now I am cranky middle aged woman. Hear me roar!

PS Dave slept like a rock.

PSS Here is a video of CC, Kinsley’s cat, trying to get into my pad (the in-law space). She is so persistent and nearly got the damn door open.

Holy Jesus I have never been so sick in my life. Three times this year so far. WTF.

Woke up Monday with throat on fire. Stayed home from work. Did not work out.

Monday night (last night) I slept for about 11 hours. Today I am at work with this arsenal:

This is my diet today.

That’s all. Maybe I’ll try and run after work. Or go home and sleep another 11 hours.

The spin class was sold out! Bust! So I did two weights classes. They were good. One was a all over body thing and the other a cardio/core class. I love those glide disc things, so hard!

Ran with Stefan (and Dave, Kin’s little dog) at the track for 1:15:03. I was not going 1 second further than I had to! Stefan lapped me like every 3 times around. He also was doing sub 6:40 miles for 16 of them or something like that. I was huffing at :10 miles. My HRM said I burned 833 calories and avg 172 bpm, which is high but I have a high heart rate, oh well. I could still carry on a conversation so I wasn’t that out of breath.

Running is the hardest thing in the world for me. Harder than watching paint dry!

Yesterday (Thursday), I used my HRM for the first time.

I did 1:01 or so on the bike, and 530 or so kcals.

Then I ran :20 and my god that was hard, and added another 300 or so kcals.

I say “or so” because I didn’t have my glasses on and I couldn’t see for sure. I had to ask one of the trainers there to read it for me when I was done.

I better get sport glasses. Gross.

Today is Friday and I have to work so no gym for me, boo.

Egg dying tonight! Dana and Matt bought 120 of ’em. Whoa!

Last night I almost drank myself into a stupor because Jessie found out that she has a stress fracture in her foot so she is out for BOTH Vineman AND Wildflower. OMG I am SO distraught, she was going to be my buddy out there. Now her stress fracture has me stressed to hell! How could she do this to me, she is so inconsiderate 😉

Today I got my new HRM! It’s red and Suunto and was on sale at amazon. I’m going to figure it out right now!

This morning I got up at 5:40, and since I didn’t pack my crap the night before (we went to shabu shabu instead) I had to h-u-s-t-l-e this morning, and ended up running for the train in the pitch dark and rain, work shoes in hand. But I made it! Up and out of the house in less than :20, more like :14 I think. See what happens when you don’t do caffeine? You just get up and go…

I got to the gym at 6:20, then went upstairs to the treadmills for class. It was a good class for once – I actually did the speed work that she told us to do. And I went faster than I wrote down on the little sheet she gives us. I think that is the trick for me, just go faster. She kept on saying “It’s just :45 seconds of your life, turn it up” and that really resonated with me. Whatever, I kicked ass.

At the end of class, however, I felt my blisters again on my insole. Annoying! Then I went and did the weights class and really worked it there too, it was hard.

When I got down to the showers, I took off my shoes and saw this:

Yuck, me and foot drama again.

Then I went to work and almost broke my neck because it was raining out and I slipped in my heels on the sidewalk. For some reason the sidewalks in SF are super slippery when it’s wet, why is that? I mean it rains all the time! Use non slip concrete, sheesh!

Last night me and Stefan went to Sports Basement and I got a new pair of tri shoes for my bike. Gott in Himmel they are $$$$ even at Sports Basement!

Today Stefan’s alarm went off at 4:30, ugh. He was out the door swimming. Mine went off at 5:40, ugh! I was out the door and went to spin class, and I spun for 1:21:21, the last :45 minutes without any music. I decided that I should just train with the sounds of the voices in my head to guide me along. 😉 This is not that big of a deal since I haven’t brought my iPod with me to the gym in like, ever. One thing that was rough was that it was so cold in the room that I never got overheated, which is rare for me. I didn’t even sweat THAT much (for me). I mean I was still able to wring out my shirt when I was done; I just didn’t need to take off my shirt.

This bike said that I burned 816 calories, which I don’t think is true. But we did work VERY hard during class, which was the first :36 minutes (I was about 5 minutes late… stomach issues) and I had 2 Shot Bloks after because I got super hungry. Then I had to wait in line for a shower, bust! AND it was freezing in there today!

Then I went to Lee’s and got my usz plain bagel with pb&j and went to work! Did not have tea since I had to go to meetings and then I got a headache which I attributed to being addicted to caffeine so as of today I am only drinking decaf!

This morning I ran to the beach to then north to Lincoln and back, about 5.4 miles. It was incredible out with the clouds and on the way back I saw a SINGLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY. This was the first hour run I’ve done in a while, so I am glad that I just finished it.

There are also tons of sanddollars and lots of jellyfish. And I saw a huge tire washed up on shore. Like Transformers huge!!

It doesn’t matter if I am swimming, biking, or running, but I just sing that song all the time. I actually sing it the most when I am running, because that’s the hardest.

I loved Finding Nemo. It was so fantastical.

Today I swam 2,100 yards in about :40 minutes and it would have been faster had I not had to share a lane and I rested way more than :15 between each 200.

The heaven’s just opened up in downton SF! Wow, pouring! And as I was looking out the window I saw white and orange ballons floating away (leftovers from St. Patty’s Day) to land in the bay and possibly trick some poor sea turtle into thinking that it’s a jellyfish so he eats it and dies. But, since I am hardwired for optimism, I will say that they at least weren’t mylar.

Tonight Kinsley and I are headed to the Ritz-Carlton in HMB for a girl’s get away. We’re getting spa-ified tomorrow, yay! Then tomorrow night me and Stefan are going to the symphony to listen to some Bach, his fave. And that reminds me, I better make some ressies for dinner somewhere!

Last night I had some kind of GI thing, which was not good. So when the alarm went off at 5:40 I didn’t get up until 6:13. I made it to the gym at 7:10 and on the bike by 7:25.

SF training by the numbers!
I rode the bike for 1:01:00 – like the 101 freeway!

It says I went through 415 calories – like the SF area code!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and it’s super duper loud outside my work. Here is a video of the shenanigans, taken from the 8th floor of my building and looking out into the alley of the Irish Bank. That is indeed a live marching band!

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