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Thursday I spun for 1:30:23 very easy because I just had no energy. I remember it being :24 minutes in and thinking, “omg wtf I have over an HOUR to go?!”. Little did I know later that day my throat would start to hurt.

TE 1.9
HR 131 avg
HR 157 peak
557 kcals

Friday (today) I swam for :36:40 and felt pretty good. 400 wu and 6×200. I went slow and had some contact lens drama but other than that it was ok. I did wake up with a sore throat though, damnit.

Then I chatted with the nice maintenance lady in the locker room and tried to tell her I was going away for a month and I think she comprende and I think she said that if she gets 4 days off she’s lucky.

Tomorrow Jessie and I go to Bradley, CA for Wildflower on Sunday. My first tri in 4 years! Or maybe it’s been 5? And then Monday starts the Great Road Trip of 2011. SF > Barstow > Vegas > St. George > Zion > Death Valley > SF. Whoa!


Tuesday I:

1. spun for 1:16:15
2. swam for :25:33

TE 2.7
HR 139 avg (bike only, I don’t wear HRM in pool)
HR 167 peak (bike only), I don’t wear HRM in pool)
555 kcals (plus the swimming kcals)

Wednesday (today) I woke up at 4:58 and then went back to sleep until 6:53. I only had to run for :45 today. So I ran south along the Embarcadero, past the Ray Gun Rocket and past the arrow heart and past the Bay Bridge and past AT&T Park, down over the mini-bridge where McCovey Cove is, and around the the bend to where Jelly’s is. It was about 4.25 miles.

TE 3.8
HR 163 avg
HR 181 peak
408 kcals

And this morning I lost my stupid Clipper card. I used it on the MUNI and then somehow lost it from the time I swiped it to the time I got to the gym. Oy!

Dear Diary,

Friday I was semi-hungover from the Rickhouse the night before. I was drinking the drink whose names was in homage to its previous haunt, the Ginger’s Trois. So what I did was walk-run on the treadmill for :30. Lame, but beter than nothing.

Saturday I was up and at ’em and swam for :32, rode my bike for 1:35, and ran for :30. Then I went over to Bruce’s house and organized my stuff for the big road trip coming up. I went to bed at 9:30.
swim: 32:13
bike: 1:34:06 (140 HR avg)
run 33:41 (166 HR avg)

TE 3.7
HR 146 avg
HR 185 peak
kcals 1,001

Sunday I woke up at like 4, ouch. Jessie and I were going to go for a bike ride, but it was raining. Boo! So I had Easter breakfast with Kins and the boys… strawberry shortcake! And the Easter Bunny brought me a basket! Then I did a lot of laundry and took a nap. I was supposed to go to the Hunky Jesus Contest but when I woke up it was super nice out in SF and so I got on my bike and tested my new shoes and cleats instead. Wildflower is next weekend so I should be on my bike as much as possible.

Today I got up and ran for :40. It was a great treadmill run, I wish all my runs would be like that. I did:

:05 warm up at 6mph
:10 +2 stops faster
:15 +2 stops faster
:20 +2 stops faster
:25 +2 stops faster
:30 +2 stops faster
:35 +2 stops faster then 2 more stops faster. I was eventually running 7:30 mile minutes. Fast!
:40 warm down

TE 3.8
HR 163 avg
HR 183 peak
396 kcals

I love this post title, it’s old and new together.

I can’t remember what I did yesterday… let’s see… oh yeah I did the Tred and Shred class and then the kettle bell class, and then I stretched for about :20. I really miss yoga. I wish I had the time and the energy to do the gym in the morning a Rusty class at night. People don’t understand that his practices are incredibly hard both mentally and physically. They say “it’s just yoga, and you miss it, go to class!” But I can’t devote the energy and I don’t want to do it half assed so it must wait. In the fall of ’09 I went to yoga 4x a week and I left my heart and soul on that mat for 90 minutes, and it was so good. The good thing about yoga is that it will wait for you. Not like this endurance sports stuff, although you do get better with age.

Here’s my little yoga timeline:

1994-95: PDX. I remember my first teacher, but not where it was. I’m pretty sure it was at the Riverside Athletic Club in Portland, but it could have been at the gym on the other side of town when I lived in SW. Anyway the teacher loved to demonstrate poses (he would gather us around and show us how to spread our toes) and the comedy thing was that he was missing his 2nd toe (the one next to the big toe) on his left foot and so he could spread his toes SO wide. It was so funny that he loved to show us that. Like, all the time.

1996-97: Now in SF, I don’t think I did yoga during this time. What I was doing was a LOT of aerobics in Hayes Valley at In Shape at Andre’s. Now that is a great workout, aerobics… AND you get to dance, how fun! One super funny thing about this is that in 2010 I went to YogaWorks in Soho with Bonnie to a class (I was bitching about how there are no yoga classes I like in NYC that are challenging and bhakti-like, and no one in NYC chants!) and the teacher was none other than this super hot and of course gay guy Sherman. And… Sherman taught aerobics at In Shape at Andre’s!!! It was all I could do to wait until after class so I could corner him and say hi. He had the hardest aerobics classes; we would put our risers in a circle and then would move from step to step. It was a choreographed thing of beauty, and if you missed a week you were behind the dance lessons and had to watch instead, because if you messed up that would mess up the people around you. Stress! So anyway after class I went over and started talking to him and honestly he really did seem to remember me as soon as I said “You used to be in San Francisco, right?” because he said, “Yes! At Larry’s studio*! I think I remember you.” (which is true, I went to Larry’s studio) and then I said, “Well if you think you remember me from there, I’m really going to blow your mind when I tell you that I used to go to your AEROBICS classes at IN SHAPE AT ANDRE’S!!!!” And holy shit his jaw hit.the.floor and he started gasping and grabbing my arm and saying, “Guuurl lookit you. You just dated not only me but yourself! And look at you! You look fantastic! See what happens when you stay in shape!” And it was just so super duper funny. It was a reunion of epic aerobic and sun salutation proportions.

1998-99: Still in SF. This is where I get introduced to none other than Callie Littlefield, who once leaned her entire 95 pound frame on me while I was in eka pada paschimottanasana? and whispered, “You are going to make a great yogini”. When Callie died I didn’t practice for months.

2000-2007: This was the time of Alice and Rusty. Alice was a mixture of soft and hard. Once while we were all in down dog, she said to me from across the room, “Please take the proper hand position, Kenna.” Then, realizing that I couldn’t take the proper hand position because my mat was so sweaty I was slipping, she kindly stepped on my hands to keep me in place. We were practicing the full primary series 4x/week, it was me and Madeline and Brian Tom and half of the SF Ballet. This is where I learned to practice mat to mat to mat. This is also where I started to understand devotion. One night, Alice announced that she was pregnant and was closing the studio effective immediately. Amid gasps, we were told we had to find a new teacher. I stopped practicing for a while.

In late 2001(?) I went to a class with Brian Tom on Stanyan Street in the Haight. One class with Rusty Wells and I was hooked. This was a new type of yoga, not as serious but still honoring the beloved and working your ass off. This was mixing it up and going to a new edge. He would have us do heart openers and tell us to dedicate them to George Bush, “Because if there is anyone on this earth who needs some love it’s this guy.” I remember telling Brian that he had been holding out on me with this teacher. So for years I have followed Rusty, from Stanyan to the Castro to that place in the Mission that I never got to, back to the Castro, and now near the Goodwill. Other teachers include Christopher Love (I remember when he left to join the circus – literally), Les Leventhal, Elise Lorimer, Stephanie Snyder, the great Janet Stone, that woman with the best voice ever-Devora Sacks. A weekend-long Ana Forrest workshop (“I find that a good 10 minute wheel really gets stuff moving around”) where my lungs were sore from breathing very deeply. There are lots more I am forgetting I am sure. Yoga in San Francisco at this time was phenomenal. There were also trips to Tim Miller’s studio in Encintas, where I could do jump throughs, if only because my mat was so sweaty I sorta slid (but my heels were barely on the floor!)

2007-2009: NYC. I whored myself around, looking for the studio that I would settle into. There was nothing bhakti-like. I went to both Jivamuktis, 2 Power to the People studios, YMCA yoga, YogaWorks, small studios in BK, PowerYoga in Union Square, Dharma Mitra’s studio, a power class on the UES, Equinox yoga, new studios opening. I even went to a Rusty Wells workshop at the Om Factory. I just didn’t like any of it; even the Rusty workshop felt tailored to New Yorkers for some reason. It just lacked soul and that devotional spin.

Fall/Winter 2010: Freelancing in Santa Monica brought me to a few good places there… the hot yoga place (which was really more yoga/barre method) and Exhale Spa (never got to a Shiva Rea class though) and also Vytas’ class and Bryan himself at at Bryan Kest’s studio. Glimmer’s of good stuff.

Now back in SF, I have been training for a race. No yoga. I am tight, my center is shifted, and loads of other stuff. I have not said any invocation in a long time.

And today, I had an 8am client call and now have drinks with the client after work. No work out today! Run tomorrow.

*Larry’s studio is, and this is sad but I just read that he passed on. I wasn’t a big fan of his, mainly because one time he said to me when I was either in sarvangasana (shoulder stand) or halasana, “Yeah, you’re strong. But can you breathe?” Looking back I had no idea how right he was, because of course I couldn’t breathe. I had no idea how to breathe. I just remember being so offended. Ah, youth!

This morning I woke up at 5:29, and got to the gym at 6:23.

My normal spin guy was not there this morning, we had a sub. He was ok. I do appreciate the Daft Punk in the am though, brings me back to a few Burning Man sunrises for some reason.

Here are some fun Daft Punk videos that deserve another viewing:

classic Daft Hands

and Daft Bodies

Now someone at work is blasting “Take My Breath Away” so now I feel like seeing Top Gun. Ugh, great.

I spun for an hour, then swam for :30. But somehow my HRM got totally jacked up and it wouldn’t turn off. So I called the suunto 800 number and I talked to this woman who instructed me how to fix it. She knew how to work this HRM like no other. Then, as I was listening to her, I realized that she sounded just like a producer I’ve worked with before, so I said, “Are you Italian by any chance?” And she said, laughing, “Yes, I am.” And then I said “And have you spent time in the UK?” and she kinda gasped and said “Wow, yes I have.” And I said, “I thought so, you sound exactly like this woman Valentina I’ve worked with.” It was so weird, she was her audio twin! Total sound twin. It was nuts.

Oh! And there was a 3.8 in SF yesterday. Shook my chair hard. Yuck.

BIG props to gal pal New Karen who just completed Boston about an hour ago! You did it!!

Yesterday I did my long (slow) run (1:17:35) and burned at a TE of 4.6 with a 165 avg hr, 186 peak, 790 kcals. I was also supposed to swim but I didn’t, so there.

Today was my off day so I just did a TRX class this morning. It was kinda hard and very gimicky.

Last night was the first night I slept in my contacts. My eyes were stuck together this morning, yuck.

Sidenote: In an effort to be more ergonomic, I ‘borrowed’ a smaller aero chair at work for my desk, am using the under the table keyboard extend a thingy, and have pulled my big monitor closer (doesn’t need to be so far away with my contacts!)

Today the fog rolled into San Francisco and boy is it thick.

I did my own little triathlon today:

swim: :21:33:70
bike: 1:15:21
run: :39:33:20, but I got the worst side cramp in the history of side cramps and I had to walk a lot. I was only supposed to do :30 and it took me :39 to finish. Bust! But the first 1/2 of the run I felt great.

hr 156 avg
hr 181 peak
total 2:16:28
kcals 1,014
TE 3.5

I did eat the caffeine orange shot bloks and they work, let me tell you.

Leaving the gym they were shooting something called Top Gear. Market Street was closed and there was a little car being shot by a zooming matte black SUV with one of those articulating jib arms.

Oh and I swam in my contacts, rode and ran with them too. It’s amazing to be able to read your watch during training!

Last night we went to dinner with B and A at starbelly and it was so much fun. My ‘shroom ‘za was so yummy.

This morning I overslept (well, I didn’t really want to get up) and so I went to spin class at lunch instead. :45 minutes. It was super hard.

156 hr avg
176 hr peak
407 kcals
TE 3.5

Tomorrow is another day!

Last night we went to Mexican for dinner in West Portal, it was good! This morning was another photo finish running for the MUNI. This time Stefan jumped on the train too to get to 19th ave so he could hit the pool.

Today I did the annoying spin class then stayed on for an hour total (I would have gone longer but I had to go to the bathroom!) I am sorry but the teacher is just annoying. She is just not at the Equinox level. I think the amount of people in the class is indicative that she is just not cutting the mustard; there were about 10-12 that started and then 2-3 left during class. Compared to the Tuesday 6:30 class, which is almost to capacity at 40+ bikes and no one leaves; that’s a big difference.

Then I ran for :30 (warm up/8% incline/7%/6%/then repeat) and had super thick socks on and my feet didn’t hurt that badly but still the blisters are there and they are also annoying. I did use one of those fancy wet cold towels with eucalyptus on it the gym provides to refresh oneself so that was nice!

Bike = 1:00:25, 136 hr avg
“transition” (bathroom break) = :08, 103 hr avg
Run = :30.04, 170 hr avg

total 1:39:45

total 750 kcals
187 peak
143 avg
TE 3.6

One thing that sucks is that my watch asked me if I wanted to change my Class Activity from 8.5 to 8.0, which means that my watch does not think that I work out hard enough to be 8.5. Bust. I didn’t change it.

When I was getting dressed I asked the nice lady who works in the ladies locker room “como esta?” and that started an entire conversation en Espanol that I only got about 30%. She answered “muy contenta” which I thought was so lovely. Then it carried over to the mirror area, then it continued until I was leaving. I think she was starved to talk to someone in Spanish that did not work there. She made cute little gestures about my shoes and my dress and I think it meant she liked them (it could have been “Get thee to a nunnery, you whore!”) and then I said “hasta manana!” and she continued to talk about something (it really sounded like she was saying “mucho calore”, which would mean she was calling me ‘hot’) until I was out of the locker room.

Today I broke ranks and did not get a “plain-bagel-peanut-butter-jelly” at Lee’s. I got a starbucks instead and was HIGHLY CAFFEINATED for the morning. In fact it’s almost 3 and I am still sipping on it.

This morning I got up at 5:30 and then all of a sudden the MUNI was coming in HOT so my went from 11 minutes to 6 minutes like that (snaps fingers) so I literally had to RUN flat out to the stop. But I got the train! From where I am staying you can see Taraval Street and the train too and so when I was on the train I got a text from Stefan saying “I was 84.7% sure you wouldn’t make it”. Ha! But if there wasn’t an elderly couple getting on slowly I _would_ have missed it (who rides the streetcar at 5:40am?). I always feel like a little kid running with my heavy backpack on, smashing from side to side. It feels so childlike to me, it’s kinda nice.

I got to the gym at 6:15, whoa fast. Then I was on the treadmill about 6:20 and ran for :15 before class started. Then we did ladders and rolling hills.

Here is the breakdown of my laps on my HRM:
lap 1 – pre workout run @14:21
lap 2 – not sure what this is, I think it’s part of the tred and shred class. She had us jump off the treadmill and do push ups, I think I created a lap then @ 19:55 (+5.34)
lap 3 – I think this is the rest of the Tred and Shred class @ 51:22 (+31.67). I am STILL getting blisters on my poor feet.
lap 4 – I think this is the stretch from the Tred and Shred class, and transition to the weights room/waiting for class to start @ 1:02:20 (+10.98)
last lap – this is the 2 classes together – kettle bell and pilates/matt/core class @ 1:59:54 (+~:58)

total – 1:59:54
(I think anyway, I have no idea. It’s so hard to tell these stupid laps on my HRM!)

HR 138 avg – which gets brought down a lot since the mat classes were not aerobic
HR 187 peak – def on the treadmill
kcals 832
TE 3.7 – also brought down a lot during mat class. Rounded up to 4, my TE = “This workout highly improves your aerobic performance, if repeated 1 to 2 times per week. In order to achieve optimal development, it requires 2 to 3 recuperative workouts (with a Training Effect of 1–2) per week.”

Then I signed up for text alerts for when New Karen runs Boston on Monday, tried but failed to find Blue Man Group tickets, chatted with Bonnie about how many weddings she has to go to this year, and also did a LOT of work in between.

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