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I was going to do a separate post for all my workouts, but eff that! One lump post, here you go.

May was a pretty light workout month, almost non-existent. It should have been a very heavy month.

Thursday, May 26
Run – 37:38
TE 3.3
157 avg
177 peak
343 kcals
Harlem > Central Park. Hot as hell!

Monday, May 30 – Memorial Day!
Run – 40:38
TE 4.1
170 avg
186 peak
442 kcals
This was down the Promenade, then over and back on the Brooklyn Bridge. Hot as hell. Touristy as hell. Stinky as hell as they are painting the bridge.

I don’t think I worked out for the 4 days here, but I could be wrong. The 31st I had to wait for a fridge delivery and then I had some interviews, the 1st I walked over the BK Bridge and back to pick up a new router, the 2nd was my birthday, the 3rd I traveled back to SF. Nope! No workouts!

Saturday, June 4
Spin class plus more – 1:07:09
TE 3.3
147 avg
176 peak
533 kcals
Caroline Jordan in the house!

Sunday, June 5
Ran and biked 1:46:04
TE 3.6
151 avg
190 peak
896 kcals
:34:22 run, 1:09:21 bike. Some other Lap I marked on my HRM but I have no idea why. I biked to Lincoln, down Great Highway because it’s closed on Sundays, around Lake Merced, then back.

Monday, June 6
Swam 1,000 yards – 500 swim/500 pull

Tuesday, June 7
Spin workout 1:12:01
TE 3.0
143 avg
176 peak
526 kcals
Danny Baker in the house!

Wednesday, June 8
Speed run of 30 minutes.
TE 3.4
158 avg
186 peak
305 kcals

Thursday, June 9 (today!)
Rode my bike but the timing got screwed up bc it only says 52:20 and a TE of 2.4. WRONG. In reality I rode for 1:15:00 and it was hard as hell. (Thank you Danny Baker!). I then actually did some stretching after, whoa!
134 avg
173 peak
342 kcals


Last night we went to dinner with B and A at starbelly and it was so much fun. My ‘shroom ‘za was so yummy.

This morning I overslept (well, I didn’t really want to get up) and so I went to spin class at lunch instead. :45 minutes. It was super hard.

156 hr avg
176 hr peak
407 kcals
TE 3.5

Tomorrow is another day!

Today my alarm went of at 5:40, and I got out of bed at 5:44. Then I made it to the L train in less than 10 minutes. Actually got to the gym by 6:20, and spin class started at 6:30. We spun for :40 then I stayed after until I hit :60. The last :16:30 were in the aerobar position. I do not get what my coach says when he tells me to fold my (sweaty and snotty) towel in 4ths and place them over the bars and then lean on the bars. Maybe he will read this and comment.

There were 3 people who stayed after class to spin more (including me). They had on headphones and were listening to music (I didn’t because I am hardcore forgot mine), but I waved at them anyway and asked if they were going to run after because I needed some motivation. The guy didn’t say anything (he may have shook his head) and the girl said “No, but I should.”. Oh well.

After the bike I had to go to the bathroom (TMI, sorry), and then I ran on the treadmill for :30. I should have gone outside to run because it was nice out but I didn’t, so there. I did:

2% incline
:15 @ 6mph
increased mph by .1 until there were :02 minutes left, then put it up to 7mph. boring.
Must work on not crossing my midline, I am really bad at that.

Moving forward I will not run on the treadmill less than 6mph. It will always be a sub 10 minute mile, I mean what am I, 80?

And now, the junk in my trunk!

This is what I wear to the gym on days that I have to do a brick:
– work out clothes underneath
– pants over that
– tshirt over that
– jacket that I wear later to work
– running shoes

This is what I have in my backpack on the way to to gym:
– work clothes (except today I forgot underwear, hello Walgreens and Hanes)
– work shoes (which are generally big and tall)
– spinning shoes
– shower stuff (including my new clarisonic, which I think I am overdoing, especially when I swim because the salty chlorine is making my face raw as it is and of course I use the harshest setting and of course I use the stiffest brush)
– makeup bag
– random stuff like face creams, eye cream, sunblock, hair pomade, water bottle, etc.
– sometimes lunch

Post workout, this is what I have in my backpack:
– all the stuff above minus the work clothes and shoes but PLUS my running shoes and all the clothes that I wore to the gym. Plus my workout clothes are now wet and heavy

Basically I have a ton of shit to lug around. Here’s a pic of my overflowing backpack:

This is where the magic happens.

For some reason today I could not fit it all in my backpack so I had to carry my lunch, jacket, and stuff I got at Walgreens (aforementioned underwear, odwalla, tropical trail mix (2 for $7!), nail file) in a separate bag.

Life really is suffering.

Today was my last workout at Equinox Santa Monica. I did April’s incredibly hard Tread and Shred class. My god that was a tough one.

Later that day we left LA and headed to SF for my next gig. Goodbye, LA, thanks for the memories and absolute incredible weather the last few weeks.

And hello, San Frandisco. It’s so good to be home.

Today I went out on my bike with the german up the PCH and just tried to get a little more comfortable on my bike. It was fun.

Had a great treadmill workout this morning. Decided I need to do more running.

Here is what the german told me to do:
5-10 min w/u depending if you spun before (no spin, so 10 min warm up)
3 min hardish at 6-8% incline
1st: 8% @ 5.5mph
2 min very easy (4.5 mph) at 0% incline
2nd: 7% @ 5mph
2 min very easy (4.5 mph) at 0% incline
3rd: 7.5% @ 5.5mph
2 min very easy (4.5 mph) at 0% incline
4th: 7% @ 5mph
2 min very easy (4.5 mph) at 0% incline
5th: 7% @ 5.5mph
10 min warm down @ 4.5mph

It took me about 45 min total, and I think I ran 3.3 miles and burned 462 calories according to the machine. Whoa.

I had to hold onto the side bars during the 2nd set, that was hard. And then again at the 4th one, but I kept saying “this one is designed to be easier” to myself so that helped.

Three minutes never lasted so long, oye.

Oh and I did this with girl issues (if you know what I mean) and I was out of there by 8:15 bc I had an 8:30 call at the office. (I rocked it this morning!)

Yesterday I did a “Burn Bliss” class and boy was it hard. Today I am sore enough so that when I sit down I can feel the burn! It never ceases to amaze me that I can do one thing 5x week (spinning) and not feel sore at all and then do another thing ONCE for 1 hour and need to take aspirin. Got to keep that cross training up…

Last night was Hilary’s ‘almost 40’ birthday (but she turned 39, ha) at hama sushi and then james’ beach. Good times, saw some old friends.

Up today is vytas’ class at bryan kest’s place. Exciting!

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