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I was going to do a separate post for all my workouts, but eff that! One lump post, here you go.

May was a pretty light workout month, almost non-existent. It should have been a very heavy month.

Thursday, May 26
Run – 37:38
TE 3.3
157 avg
177 peak
343 kcals
Harlem > Central Park. Hot as hell!

Monday, May 30 – Memorial Day!
Run – 40:38
TE 4.1
170 avg
186 peak
442 kcals
This was down the Promenade, then over and back on the Brooklyn Bridge. Hot as hell. Touristy as hell. Stinky as hell as they are painting the bridge.

I don’t think I worked out for the 4 days here, but I could be wrong. The 31st I had to wait for a fridge delivery and then I had some interviews, the 1st I walked over the BK Bridge and back to pick up a new router, the 2nd was my birthday, the 3rd I traveled back to SF. Nope! No workouts!

Saturday, June 4
Spin class plus more – 1:07:09
TE 3.3
147 avg
176 peak
533 kcals
Caroline Jordan in the house!

Sunday, June 5
Ran and biked 1:46:04
TE 3.6
151 avg
190 peak
896 kcals
:34:22 run, 1:09:21 bike. Some other Lap I marked on my HRM but I have no idea why. I biked to Lincoln, down Great Highway because it’s closed on Sundays, around Lake Merced, then back.

Monday, June 6
Swam 1,000 yards – 500 swim/500 pull

Tuesday, June 7
Spin workout 1:12:01
TE 3.0
143 avg
176 peak
526 kcals
Danny Baker in the house!

Wednesday, June 8
Speed run of 30 minutes.
TE 3.4
158 avg
186 peak
305 kcals

Thursday, June 9 (today!)
Rode my bike but the timing got screwed up bc it only says 52:20 and a TE of 2.4. WRONG. In reality I rode for 1:15:00 and it was hard as hell. (Thank you Danny Baker!). I then actually did some stretching after, whoa!
134 avg
173 peak
342 kcals


Yesterday and today I ran from Harlem to Central Park and around Jackie’s reservoir. Close to 6 miles each run. I didn’t run Saturday because I traveled from MD to NYC. I felt like I was in a race since there were so many people running around. NYC is one crowded city.

The weather is so weird – rainy, cold, humid as hell, damp. It’s supposed to get to 80 tomorrow, yuck.

Bruce! – I signed up for the SJIT – which is now called the Silicon Valley International Triathlon. June 12. Woot.

Now I’m in TriBeCa, and about to go to Macy’s on 34th street. I don’t have my HRM on me so can’t include my info, wah wah. Maybe I can update this post later!

Yesterday I ran for :31. I really stretched my hamstring after and it feels better but today for some reason my knee hurts. Shit.

Yesterday I ran for :31. I really stretched my hamstring after and it feels better but today for some reason my knee hurts. Shit.

BIG props to gal pal New Karen who just completed Boston about an hour ago! You did it!!

Yesterday I did my long (slow) run (1:17:35) and burned at a TE of 4.6 with a 165 avg hr, 186 peak, 790 kcals. I was also supposed to swim but I didn’t, so there.

Today was my off day so I just did a TRX class this morning. It was kinda hard and very gimicky.

Last night was the first night I slept in my contacts. My eyes were stuck together this morning, yuck.

Sidenote: In an effort to be more ergonomic, I ‘borrowed’ a smaller aero chair at work for my desk, am using the under the table keyboard extend a thingy, and have pulled my big monitor closer (doesn’t need to be so far away with my contacts!)

Today the fog rolled into San Francisco and boy is it thick.

I did my own little triathlon today:

swim: :21:33:70
bike: 1:15:21
run: :39:33:20, but I got the worst side cramp in the history of side cramps and I had to walk a lot. I was only supposed to do :30 and it took me :39 to finish. Bust! But the first 1/2 of the run I felt great.

hr 156 avg
hr 181 peak
total 2:16:28
kcals 1,014
TE 3.5

I did eat the caffeine orange shot bloks and they work, let me tell you.

Leaving the gym they were shooting something called Top Gear. Market Street was closed and there was a little car being shot by a zooming matte black SUV with one of those articulating jib arms.

Oh and I swam in my contacts, rode and ran with them too. It’s amazing to be able to read your watch during training!

Last night we went to Mexican for dinner in West Portal, it was good! This morning was another photo finish running for the MUNI. This time Stefan jumped on the train too to get to 19th ave so he could hit the pool.

Today I did the annoying spin class then stayed on for an hour total (I would have gone longer but I had to go to the bathroom!) I am sorry but the teacher is just annoying. She is just not at the Equinox level. I think the amount of people in the class is indicative that she is just not cutting the mustard; there were about 10-12 that started and then 2-3 left during class. Compared to the Tuesday 6:30 class, which is almost to capacity at 40+ bikes and no one leaves; that’s a big difference.

Then I ran for :30 (warm up/8% incline/7%/6%/then repeat) and had super thick socks on and my feet didn’t hurt that badly but still the blisters are there and they are also annoying. I did use one of those fancy wet cold towels with eucalyptus on it the gym provides to refresh oneself so that was nice!

Bike = 1:00:25, 136 hr avg
“transition” (bathroom break) = :08, 103 hr avg
Run = :30.04, 170 hr avg

total 1:39:45

total 750 kcals
187 peak
143 avg
TE 3.6

One thing that sucks is that my watch asked me if I wanted to change my Class Activity from 8.5 to 8.0, which means that my watch does not think that I work out hard enough to be 8.5. Bust. I didn’t change it.

When I was getting dressed I asked the nice lady who works in the ladies locker room “como esta?” and that started an entire conversation en Espanol that I only got about 30%. She answered “muy contenta” which I thought was so lovely. Then it carried over to the mirror area, then it continued until I was leaving. I think she was starved to talk to someone in Spanish that did not work there. She made cute little gestures about my shoes and my dress and I think it meant she liked them (it could have been “Get thee to a nunnery, you whore!”) and then I said “hasta manana!” and she continued to talk about something (it really sounded like she was saying “mucho calore”, which would mean she was calling me ‘hot’) until I was out of the locker room.

Today I broke ranks and did not get a “plain-bagel-peanut-butter-jelly” at Lee’s. I got a starbucks instead and was HIGHLY CAFFEINATED for the morning. In fact it’s almost 3 and I am still sipping on it.

Let’s see, I took Friday -Sunday off. How decadent!

This morning I ran for 1:01:09 (TE 5.0, I forget what that means) 177 hr avg, 710kcals, 190hr peak. I ran from Pine Street up the Embarcadero to Fort Mason. That last hill got me at 190. It was about 6 miles, slightly over. Still so slow. Oh well. God is Aquatic Park gorgeous. And that Golden Gate Bridge ain’t too shabby either.

Let’s see, TE stands for Training Effect, which according to my Suunto HRM, tells me how I am training. So at a 5 I am at my max – “This workout helps you greatly improve your aerobic performance, but only if followed by a sufficient recuperation period. Training at this level requires an extremely high level of exertion and should not be performed often.”

In looking back at my log, it seems like all my runs are TE 5’s, and my spinning is at a 2-3.9. See, I am so bad at running it’s telling me to stop!

Also, my shoes still give me blisters!! Ugh!!

Today I ran for 1:16:16, with a 160 hr avg, 186 peak, and 905 kcals, a little more than 7.5 miles. (I think the cals are high since I hit the lap button and not the end button on my HRM by mistake and went for an extra :20… that also means my avg hr went down prolly) Those are like 10 minute miles. Wow am I slow! But I have to say that I was going slower since I am still sick and I didn’t want to bring my heart rate up too high. And I felt pretty good. Still coughing up a lung, but pretty good. It was an absolute stunner of a day in San Francisco… clear and in the 70s.

Last night I slept on the couch in an upright-ish position because when I lay down, all the fluid gets in my lungs and I’m up all night coughing. I actually slept for a few hours straight last night, it was great! And my mucus has turned fairly bright green, and it’s getting into my chest, so that means that I am almost done bring sick! Yay! It’s been 1 week. I am never sick that long!

Then Polly came and picked me up and we went to brunch on Haight Street and shopped the shops. We popped into Piedmont’s and I started getting early clothing inspiration for Burning Man. They had this fun beaded wig that looked Egyptian. It was cool. I think I want to get a hot pink tinsel wig. Fun!

Not only is it 84 degrees in SF, but I am wearing the CUTEST outfit and shoes today! I think I will dress more girly all the time. (haha not really, who am I kidding). I’m still so sick so I needed to at least look good today on the outside.

I am still so sick. Ridiculously congested. I am getting crap sleep but tomorrow I have the day off so hooray!

This morning I went to the gym and ran for :40 like this:

:05 warm up
:05 @ 8% incline @ 4mph
:05 @ 7% incline @ 4mph
:05 @ 6% incline @ 4mph
:05 @ 5% incline @ 4.5mph
:05 @ 4% incline @ 4.5mph
:05 @ 3% incline @ 5.5mph
:05 @ 2% incline @ 6mph

I tried to stay slow on purpose since I can’t breath that well.

Then I went and did those glider disc things – lunges and mountain climbers. Ouch. I love those things.

The German told me to swim since I am so sick but I just got my nails done and didn’t want to ruin them. :/ wah wah wah. He would never understand that. Good thing he doesn’t read this blog anymore!

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