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I was going to do a separate post for all my workouts, but eff that! One lump post, here you go.

May was a pretty light workout month, almost non-existent. It should have been a very heavy month.

Thursday, May 26
Run – 37:38
TE 3.3
157 avg
177 peak
343 kcals
Harlem > Central Park. Hot as hell!

Monday, May 30 – Memorial Day!
Run – 40:38
TE 4.1
170 avg
186 peak
442 kcals
This was down the Promenade, then over and back on the Brooklyn Bridge. Hot as hell. Touristy as hell. Stinky as hell as they are painting the bridge.

I don’t think I worked out for the 4 days here, but I could be wrong. The 31st I had to wait for a fridge delivery and then I had some interviews, the 1st I walked over the BK Bridge and back to pick up a new router, the 2nd was my birthday, the 3rd I traveled back to SF. Nope! No workouts!

Saturday, June 4
Spin class plus more – 1:07:09
TE 3.3
147 avg
176 peak
533 kcals
Caroline Jordan in the house!

Sunday, June 5
Ran and biked 1:46:04
TE 3.6
151 avg
190 peak
896 kcals
:34:22 run, 1:09:21 bike. Some other Lap I marked on my HRM but I have no idea why. I biked to Lincoln, down Great Highway because it’s closed on Sundays, around Lake Merced, then back.

Monday, June 6
Swam 1,000 yards – 500 swim/500 pull

Tuesday, June 7
Spin workout 1:12:01
TE 3.0
143 avg
176 peak
526 kcals
Danny Baker in the house!

Wednesday, June 8
Speed run of 30 minutes.
TE 3.4
158 avg
186 peak
305 kcals

Thursday, June 9 (today!)
Rode my bike but the timing got screwed up bc it only says 52:20 and a TE of 2.4. WRONG. In reality I rode for 1:15:00 and it was hard as hell. (Thank you Danny Baker!). I then actually did some stretching after, whoa!
134 avg
173 peak
342 kcals


Today the fog rolled into San Francisco and boy is it thick.

I did my own little triathlon today:

swim: :21:33:70
bike: 1:15:21
run: :39:33:20, but I got the worst side cramp in the history of side cramps and I had to walk a lot. I was only supposed to do :30 and it took me :39 to finish. Bust! But the first 1/2 of the run I felt great.

hr 156 avg
hr 181 peak
total 2:16:28
kcals 1,014
TE 3.5

I did eat the caffeine orange shot bloks and they work, let me tell you.

Leaving the gym they were shooting something called Top Gear. Market Street was closed and there was a little car being shot by a zooming matte black SUV with one of those articulating jib arms.

Oh and I swam in my contacts, rode and ran with them too. It’s amazing to be able to read your watch during training!

It doesn’t matter if I am swimming, biking, or running, but I just sing that song all the time. I actually sing it the most when I am running, because that’s the hardest.

I loved Finding Nemo. It was so fantastical.

Today I swam 2,100 yards in about :40 minutes and it would have been faster had I not had to share a lane and I rested way more than :15 between each 200.

The heaven’s just opened up in downton SF! Wow, pouring! And as I was looking out the window I saw white and orange ballons floating away (leftovers from St. Patty’s Day) to land in the bay and possibly trick some poor sea turtle into thinking that it’s a jellyfish so he eats it and dies. But, since I am hardwired for optimism, I will say that they at least weren’t mylar.

Tonight Kinsley and I are headed to the Ritz-Carlton in HMB for a girl’s get away. We’re getting spa-ified tomorrow, yay! Then tomorrow night me and Stefan are going to the symphony to listen to some Bach, his fave. And that reminds me, I better make some ressies for dinner somewhere!

Today I got up at 6 and in the water by 7. Swam for about an hour. I could feel my blisters I got from running yesterday the while time, gross!

500 warm up
4×300 kick/pull/swim
200 warm down

1900 yards, boo! I thought I did 2k.

Today I smashed my hand into the girl’s hand next to me. I am NOT a good split lane swimmer. I grew up circling and that’s just how everyone should do it.

It’s so odd that if there are 2 people per lane, and someone wants to swim, they SIT and WAIT on the lounge chairs for people to finish. I asked the girl next to me if it’s a rule to not have 3 people in a lane, and she said no but that it’s so infrequent that people have to wait that they just sit there. Well, if that were me sitting, I would ask people to move on over. But I guess they are not crunched for time like I am. Lucky!

Then i went to work, had a bagel with low fat cream cheese, a bunch of fruit, a subway footlong veggie club for lunch, trail mix, and a huge bowl of soup for dinner. Now it’s 9pm and I’m off to bed!

Last night I typed my post on my phone and then it never posted. I lost service while it happened. Why did I lose service? Because AT&T is the worst. So now I am a day behind in posting! Argh!


Today I spun on the bike for :60. The last :30 was in aerobar position. Then I had to get to work early to meet my ride for a volunteer shift at the SF Food Bank, where me and 9 co-workers (and 3 random volunteers, 13 in all) sorted and inspected 20,800 pounds of oranges and carrots (90% oranges, but then we finished all of them so they moved us onto carrots) in 3 hours. We were lightning fast. The good oranges (and carrots) went into boxes that would be delivered to food pantrys throughout the city. The rotten stuff went into a separate bin that would go to a pig farm! How great is that.


This morning I woke up to the driving rain and headed to the gym to swim. I did:

500 warm up

8×200 – 150 easy/50 hard

I felt good and I absolutely tour up the pool for one of my 50 sprints. I was in the middle lane and the girl I was swimming with was at the opposite end (we were circle swimming, which to me is the only way to do it) so I didn’t care about running into anyone. I dug dug dug.

Then, when that girl left, this guy came and he wanted to split the lanes. Fine. Not my favorite. And then I proceeded to smash my left hand into the stupid lane line buoy.

Here is a pic of a chunk of my finger missing:


So, that makes the tally:
pool: stole my diamond
pool: took a chunk out of my hand

Pool, 2
Kenna, 0

We shall meet again, pool! Be warned that revenge will be mine!

Last night I went to bed at 10. Today the alarm went off at 6:15. 8 hours and :15 minutes of sleep! I woke up once, that’s all.

I was supposed to swim a lot longer than I did this morning but MUNI had a wreck that then wrecked my commute in to the gym. I didn’t get to there until after 8 and could only swim for :15 minutes. Then the pool was crowded (2 people per lane!) and I had to split with a guy on the end and I got the side with the handicapped elevator thing so I smashed my right hand on it one time since I was against the wall. I just checked my hand and I even have a bruise!

In related news, I pried my toenail off last night. Here is a gross super cool pic of it.

Right before lift off! Note the new nail underneath!

And in other related news, I went to acupuncture on Wednesday and got herbs to help me not be so tired. My pulse was thready and I have low blood. Also they treated me for my right hamstring because it hurts.

Today I did what I should have done last week:

400 warm up
8×200 (last 50 hard)

I finished between the :28 and the :31 for each of them. The :28’s were when I did flip turns. So I think that means I was on the 3:30? I really don’t think I was doing these on the 2:30. God I am slow. Maybe 4:30 even? God I hope not.

Since I have had left arm issues the last 2 times I’ve been swimming (which is the first 2 times I’ve been swimming), today I tried to only turn and do my initial pull using my right arm. So any time I grabbed the lip and turned, and then the subsequent first pull was all with my right arm. I didn’t start to feel my left arm hurting until the 5th 200, and then I changed my pull (bad idea!) so it wouldn’t hurt that much.

How does my left arm hurt? Well, if you do the Funky Chicken and flap your arms like wings, it hurts between my shoulder and my elbow when you lift your arm/wing. But not when the arms are extended, only when they are tucked in. So not like this video at all (I just love to watch the Godfather of Soul dance). Is this even James Brown?!

My computer just blew up cuz all that damn funk!

Ok that’s all. Tomorrow I have to spin a lot.

Huzzah and happy Friday!

Today I swam, and was supposed to do this:

400 warm up
Then switch a steady 150 yards with a hard 50 yards.
So maybe 8x(150/50)?

But I read it as:
400 warm up

Which I thought was weird, since I am used to doing increments of 100. But I was pressed for time and so I really did this:

400 warm up

I was on the 2 minutes, and I messed up the third one. Each had around 20 seconds to spare, so then I started doing them on the 1:55, which gave me 15 seconds to spare. It was not that great a workout honestly. But that’s because I read it wrong!

Today is Thursday.

I got up and went swimming this morning, 1500 yards in a salty pool. That’s about 3/4 mile. It took me about 35 minutes at a slow pace. I need to swim 1.2 miles in the race at about this same time. So I better speed it the eff up. This is stressing me out.

I also lost my stone in my earring. What a mess.

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