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Today I got up at 6 and in the water by 7. Swam for about an hour. I could feel my blisters I got from running yesterday the while time, gross!

500 warm up
4×300 kick/pull/swim
200 warm down

1900 yards, boo! I thought I did 2k.

Today I smashed my hand into the girl’s hand next to me. I am NOT a good split lane swimmer. I grew up circling and that’s just how everyone should do it.

It’s so odd that if there are 2 people per lane, and someone wants to swim, they SIT and WAIT on the lounge chairs for people to finish. I asked the girl next to me if it’s a rule to not have 3 people in a lane, and she said no but that it’s so infrequent that people have to wait that they just sit there. Well, if that were me sitting, I would ask people to move on over. But I guess they are not crunched for time like I am. Lucky!

Then i went to work, had a bagel with low fat cream cheese, a bunch of fruit, a subway footlong veggie club for lunch, trail mix, and a huge bowl of soup for dinner. Now it’s 9pm and I’m off to bed!


Today I ran for a little over an hour and did a little over 6.2 miles. Out the door, up 30th ave to the Park, down to the beach, along the beach, down Great Highway, then up Taraval. It was fine. At the end I was bored. It was beautifully sunny and around 55. Perfect! Actually, one thing that was NOT perfect were the blisters I got on my arches from my new shoes. Ouch!

Then I went over to Dora’s house for the Oscars! Made it there around 4 to see the red carpet extravaganza. She made veggie chili and guac and for dessert we had passion fruit tart and mint cookies. YUM. I think one of the benefits of working out so much is that I can seriously overeat and it’s not that bad. I mean I ate a burrito that I brought because I was ravenous, I probably drank a 1/2 bottle of wine, I had probably 20 mini carrots smothered in hummus, cheesy poofs, 3 glasses of pomegranate spritzer with bubbly water, a huge bowl of chili with rice and a huge salad, 2 mint cookies and a slice of passionfruit tart. Jesus!

Today I was supposed to do a brick bike and run but I didn’t feel like it so I just rode the spin bike for 1:15:00. I did the 11-12 class, which was fairly hard, and then stayed after.

BORING. It’s getting totally boring, ugh.

Then I went to get my gray covered and then Kinsley’s kids’ school auction benefit was at night so we went to that and I bid on a 1.5 hour in home yoga or meditation class that I won! exciting!

Last night I typed my post on my phone and then it never posted. I lost service while it happened. Why did I lose service? Because AT&T is the worst. So now I am a day behind in posting! Argh!


Today I spun on the bike for :60. The last :30 was in aerobar position. Then I had to get to work early to meet my ride for a volunteer shift at the SF Food Bank, where me and 9 co-workers (and 3 random volunteers, 13 in all) sorted and inspected 20,800 pounds of oranges and carrots (90% oranges, but then we finished all of them so they moved us onto carrots) in 3 hours. We were lightning fast. The good oranges (and carrots) went into boxes that would be delivered to food pantrys throughout the city. The rotten stuff went into a separate bin that would go to a pig farm! How great is that.


This morning I woke up to the driving rain and headed to the gym to swim. I did:

500 warm up

8×200 – 150 easy/50 hard

I felt good and I absolutely tour up the pool for one of my 50 sprints. I was in the middle lane and the girl I was swimming with was at the opposite end (we were circle swimming, which to me is the only way to do it) so I didn’t care about running into anyone. I dug dug dug.

Then, when that girl left, this guy came and he wanted to split the lanes. Fine. Not my favorite. And then I proceeded to smash my left hand into the stupid lane line buoy.

Here is a pic of a chunk of my finger missing:


So, that makes the tally:
pool: stole my diamond
pool: took a chunk out of my hand

Pool, 2
Kenna, 0

We shall meet again, pool! Be warned that revenge will be mine!

Today I did the 7:15 weights class and it was hard.

That bosu ball is no joke. Neither is the gay man who teaches class.

I was going to do the tread and shred at 6:30 but decided not to based on my hill workout the day before. Look at me being all coach-y!!

(oh and for some reason this got posted as a new page, probably bc I wrote this update on my phone.)

I usually take time during lunch to write my post but today I had no such luxury. It was a balls out today-is-Tuesday-we’ve-lost-a-day-so-hurry-up kinda day.

This morning I got up at 5:40 and made it to the 6:30 spin class. Then I rode for another :35 or so, :60 total. I had on new pants and a new top and chamois creme, woot. It helped.

Then I went to the treadmills on the first floor instead of my usz 2nd floor machines for :30. Did this:

:03 warm up (I was already super warm!)

:03 at 8% slow

:01 rest

:03 at 7% little faster

:01 rest

:03 at 6% little faster

:01 rest

:03 at 6% little faster

:01 rest

:03 at 7% a little faster

:01 rest

:03 at 8% a little faster

:04 cool down

I’m tired! And hungry! Oh and I got new running shoes on Monday!

I just came back from a long run – down to the beach then around Lake Merced and back to the beach. It was a 9 mile loop and I ran for 8 of it, and walked the last mile. I didn’t really have to but I wanted to cool down my hamstring and I think it really helped since it’s now an hour later and it feels ok! I stopped and stretched along the last mile too, I really think that helped.

During my run I stopped about a minute in total, I’d say about 4 times at :10 rest each time. I wasn’t in pain and I had no cramping. I was just tired and bored. I think I need to eat something since I didn’t really eat dinner last night and I started at 10:40am and hadn’t eaten anything. Caffeine really is an unfair advantage, I should start drinking that.

Thursday or Friday my left hip started hurting. It hurts when I stand up from sitting, and when I stand and pretend to hula hoop (particularly when I push my left hip out to the front and left). It hurts when I am standing sometimes (although this was at the breakfast place waiting for my pb&j – and I am wearing 4″ heels and have a 20lb packpack and probs not the best posture). But it never hurt before.

My right hamstring tends to be sore. When I sit up in bed it screams at me. When I get done with a workout it yells at me. It does not hurt when I do a lot of yoga. I have not done yoga in around 6 weeks, but I have been stretching. Something tells me to go to yoga. But really, who has the time and energy to do a 90 minute Rusty class?

My left arm hurt for a bit when I swam. I have not been in the water for a week since I got swimmer’s ear, but will start again on Monday.

My neck gets sore from riding the spin bike.

Girl Parts
My girl parts hurt from being on the bike. Chamois creme is in BK; yet another thing to purchase.

Today after my workout my left foot (ha) really hurt. Generally speaking my feet tend to hurt after every spin class, I think my shoes are not a good fit. Maybe they’re too tight because if I squeeze my feet when I’m done it kills. But today I have a bump on the side of my foot that feels like there is something in my sock when I walk.

Pleasure (Is this the pleasure in my life? Something is off.)
Yesterday after work I did the Cycle Happy Hour from 5:30-6:30 and was on the bike for :60. I got there :15 early, intended to ride, but I could not get the stupid cage off the bike, so I moved over to another bike and got set up only to have the person who reserved that bike come in and boot me off. So I had to go to the front desk and ask maintenance to help take off the cage of the first bike. All in all that took the extra :15. After class I chatted with the instructor, he was great. Way gay.

Today I got to the gym at 10:15, ran for :30 (:10 @ 6.1 mph then :17 @6.7 mph then :03 at 7.3 mph), then immediately spun for 1:32:00. The spin included an intense hour long class. I was so sweaty that at the end I could not only wring out my top (this happens all the time) but I could wring out my socks. It felt like water was pouring down into my shoes – down the back side of my legs and pooling into my socks. I also ran out of water with :16 to go, yuck. Oh, and when I got home and took my cycling shoes out of the plastic bag, there was a pool of sweat water at the bottom of it. Ew!

Saturday lunch
I was going to go get new shoes after the gym but the N train wasn’t running for at least 15 minutes and the L train came so I got on that and went to Squat & Gobble and had the tofu scramble with fruit AND a 1/2 greek salad since I had not had anything to eat yet.

Then I came home and took a nap. Niiice.

Last night I went to bed at 10, and the alarm woke me up at 5:40. That hasn’t happened all week, I usually am already up. Must have been tired.

Got to the gym at 6:25, made it to spin at 6:30. It was the teacher that screams a lot and so I got a tissue to plug my ears. All was going ok (although truth be told I was low energy), but then I started getting an upset stomach. I had to leave class at :26 into it because I had to go to the bathroom, sorry TMI. (Last night, in an effort to eat more protein, I had some cottage cheese (and baked lays! yum!) but it is not good on my digestion.) Sooooooo no more cottage cheese. No more eggs for me either, they gross me out. I don’t drink milk or eat yogurt. I do like the humbolt fogs and cowgirl creamerys of this world, but I think if I ate enough to make a difference in my protein intake I would suffer similarly.

I better start chowing down on the filet mignon and cow’s liver order some vegetarian protein capsules.

I’m almost done with my herbs!

Oh! So I got back on the bike and rode for another :35, then I ran for :15. 2% @6.1 then the last :06 at 6.5. It was hard.

Today the alarm went off at 5:40. I got up shortly thereafter.

Made it to spinning at 6:30. I like that teacher, he is nice. Then I stayed and rode after for a total of 1:16:24 and 20.1 miles. The last 38 minutes I did 9.79 miles.

Then I went to the steam room and did some stretching, then I had to wait in line to take a shower, crowded! Then I had to wait to use a mirror and it was packed trying to get to my locker.

And I found out I have SWIMMER’S EAR!!! BRUCE!!! Oy. So I had to go to Walgreens and get this:

My swimmer's ear hurts!

It’s called Similasan and it’s homeopathic.

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