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Yesterday I did the SVIT.

I took off today.


Yesterday I swam and had a kink in my neck and couldn’t breathe out of my left side.

This morning I woke up and couldn’t turn my neck to the left. Not great.

Then I was moving luggage and I stepped on my computer charger and slipped and went down. Oy. Also not great!

Now I’m waiting for Derek to pick me up and we are heading down to Pacifica to a BBQ before we head to San Jose for the Silicon Valley International Triathlon tomorrow. Jessie is coming too; it will be fun! The last time I did this race was 4 years ago with Bruce. Back then they called it the San Jose International.

Should be a fun day!!

I better get on it.

Yesterday and today I ran from Harlem to Central Park and around Jackie’s reservoir. Close to 6 miles each run. I didn’t run Saturday because I traveled from MD to NYC. I felt like I was in a race since there were so many people running around. NYC is one crowded city.

The weather is so weird – rainy, cold, humid as hell, damp. It’s supposed to get to 80 tomorrow, yuck.

Bruce! – I signed up for the SJIT – which is now called the Silicon Valley International Triathlon. June 12. Woot.

Now I’m in TriBeCa, and about to go to Macy’s on 34th street. I don’t have my HRM on me so can’t include my info, wah wah. Maybe I can update this post later!

Yesterday I ran for :31. I really stretched my hamstring after and it feels better but today for some reason my knee hurts. Shit.

Yesterday I ran for :31. I really stretched my hamstring after and it feels better but today for some reason my knee hurts. Shit.

Today I got back into the swing of things (kinda) and ran 5.67 miles. I just about DIED.

55:38 total
hr 175 avg
hr 189 peak
643 kcals
TE 5 (out of 5!!!)

27:27 out
28:10 back

I wanted to do a negative split but the fact that I walked for a few :10 when my heart rate was jacked up pretty much killed that. And I also hit the long light so I had to wait over :60 on the way back, when I had to wait less than :30 on the way out.

Then me and my mom went to see Water for Elephants; it was ok. The book was naturally so much better.

It’s interesting to note that since I’ve basically taken the past 2.5 weeks off, my hamstring pain was virtually non-existant, my sciatica pain was 100% gone, and I have not been sick. I also lost weight (muscle) but I was way thinner than before.

I am so off the Vineman training program I have no idea how I’ll get back on in less than 2 months.

Today is Monday. We got back from our road trip Saturday. (just had to remind myself where I was…)

I’m currently at SFO having a veggie burger, side salad, glass of Zin, and getting kinda buzzed. Cheap date! My flight doesn’t board for another hour so I am getting anther glass and a hot fudge sundae. I’m wearing my new glasses and they are messing with my vision bc they are so strong I think that is adding to my drunkeness. Oh well.

Today me and the German spun our legs out in GG Park. It was not only freezing but raining, joy! The German remarked that this was like winter weather and when I said, “nah it’s just summer” I think he got really confused/sad. I’m sorry but SF is not known for its great summers, and we were in deep GG Park, so we are talking at the beach, which is socked in a lot. He then said, “So you’re telling me it could be sunny in Marin right now” and I said “Marin! It could be sunny and 10 degrees warmer at Bruce’s house right now!” Microclimates, sheesh!

Last night after the B2B we had dinner at Indian Oven, one of my all time faves. That, Thep Fenom, and Cafe Axum all in a few blocks, good lord how lucky. Anyway there were just drunken DISASTERS all over the Lower Haight from the race, so funny. From the dude in the horse suit to the Smurfs with smeared body paint smoking and yawning outside of the Noc Noc it was just comedy after comedy. I especially appreciated the two sailors walking with an Asian hooker, although they could have been actual sailors and an actual hooker for all I know. I love the Bay to Breakers, it’s the most fun day in SF.

Now I’m still here at SFO, the German is flying Delta to NYC and I’m headed to IAD to see my mom. Headed to Brooklyn and/or Harlem this weekend. Should really think about training again since I’m supposed to do Vineman in 2 months. Christ.

Look at this! Best.Desert.Ever


We just finished the 100th running of the Bay to Breakers. Fun!!

The best I saw was a woman dressed as a Laura Croft tomb raider, and the German thought the group of Elvis’ (Elvi) rocked. We both loved the salmon swimming upstream.

I also saw a really good Prince. The finish line angel with wings and white glitter against his black skin was gorgeous. And he was super buff.


Week re-cap:

drove from SF to Barstow. Days Inn. No workout.

drove from Barstow to Vegas. Mandalay Bay. Blue Man Group. Stefan did his training in the wave pool. I swam a little in the pool, and went around the Lazy River (does that count as a swim?!)

drove from Vegas to St. George, UT. Got settled. Went to Costco. Forgot to change the clocks forward!! It stays light late here.

we swam in the reservoir, which is where the Stefan will swim Saturday. It was damn cold, wetsuit and all. We went to the Expo, he registered, and then we did some (more) food shopping. Then we biked the run course, it was hot and very very hilly. That marathon is going to be a bitch. Mike came to cheer on the German!

So far today Stefan did a swim/bike/run. Here is a pic of him in the pool this morning, he looks so relaxed! –
turning around in the pool

He is such a beautiful swimmer.

Now we have to go drop off his bike and get him BodyMarked!

Tonight I have my volunteer meeting at 7 (I’m going to be a wetsuit peeler!).

Tomorrow we are up at 4am. It’s going to be a long day…

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