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I was going to do a separate post for all my workouts, but eff that! One lump post, here you go.

May was a pretty light workout month, almost non-existent. It should have been a very heavy month.

Thursday, May 26
Run – 37:38
TE 3.3
157 avg
177 peak
343 kcals
Harlem > Central Park. Hot as hell!

Monday, May 30 – Memorial Day!
Run – 40:38
TE 4.1
170 avg
186 peak
442 kcals
This was down the Promenade, then over and back on the Brooklyn Bridge. Hot as hell. Touristy as hell. Stinky as hell as they are painting the bridge.

I don’t think I worked out for the 4 days here, but I could be wrong. The 31st I had to wait for a fridge delivery and then I had some interviews, the 1st I walked over the BK Bridge and back to pick up a new router, the 2nd was my birthday, the 3rd I traveled back to SF. Nope! No workouts!

Saturday, June 4
Spin class plus more – 1:07:09
TE 3.3
147 avg
176 peak
533 kcals
Caroline Jordan in the house!

Sunday, June 5
Ran and biked 1:46:04
TE 3.6
151 avg
190 peak
896 kcals
:34:22 run, 1:09:21 bike. Some other Lap I marked on my HRM but I have no idea why. I biked to Lincoln, down Great Highway because it’s closed on Sundays, around Lake Merced, then back.

Monday, June 6
Swam 1,000 yards – 500 swim/500 pull

Tuesday, June 7
Spin workout 1:12:01
TE 3.0
143 avg
176 peak
526 kcals
Danny Baker in the house!

Wednesday, June 8
Speed run of 30 minutes.
TE 3.4
158 avg
186 peak
305 kcals

Thursday, June 9 (today!)
Rode my bike but the timing got screwed up bc it only says 52:20 and a TE of 2.4. WRONG. In reality I rode for 1:15:00 and it was hard as hell. (Thank you Danny Baker!). I then actually did some stretching after, whoa!
134 avg
173 peak
342 kcals


We just finished the 100th running of the Bay to Breakers. Fun!!

The best I saw was a woman dressed as a Laura Croft tomb raider, and the German thought the group of Elvis’ (Elvi) rocked. We both loved the salmon swimming upstream.

I also saw a really good Prince. The finish line angel with wings and white glitter against his black skin was gorgeous. And he was super buff.


Saturday I did not go to spin class because there was a charity thing going on at Equinox, so I just took Dave (Kinsley’s dog) for long walk, about 6.5 miles. We ran about 1/2 of it. But Dave is little, about 20 pounds, and older, around 7, and not used to getting too much exercise, so I didn’t want to kill him. But he was spritely as one could imagine, being all crazy on the flexy lead and picking a fight with a pit bull mix and then trying to pick a fight with a doberman. Both dogs were super nice and but after that he was on a short leash indeed and I made him run the entire way back to the house, about a mile and a half. My thinking was that he was obviously not tired enough at mile 5 so he could handle a little speed work. That kinda backfired because then we came across a little terrier dog that he just about tripped me trying to get to. Dave, if you are reading this you are a bad dog and I will show no mercy the next time I clip your nails!

Sunday it was raining really hard all day, so I stayed inside until I went to Safeway late in the afternoon. It was a bit of a lost day for me.

This morning I was up at 5:20 but didn’t get out of bed until 6:30, got to the gym around 7:15 and went for a run up the Embarcadero to the Aquatic Park, where I spied 5 people swimming (all without wetsuits) and then turned and headed back. I thought it was further than 5 miles but I guess not, which is a bummer because it felt like an eternity.

Got up early, ran from Kinsley’s house in Parkside to the beach and up the beach for a bit. It was great to see the sun come up… low tide. Mother Ocean is so much more attitudinal in No-cal than So-cal. She breaks long and hard and heavy compared to down south. It is no joke.

Then started my new gig and met some new friends and saw some old.

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