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I’m sick with a head cold. I feel like poop. Tired, coughing, sneezing. 2010 is the Year of Sick for me… first I was on my deathbed New Years Day with that flu that everyone had, now this stupid cold. Twice in one month. Bruce said I was yin deficient. Or was it gall bladder stagnation?

My alarm went off at 5:40 this morning (it’s ok since I went to bed at 9:45) and checked the for the L inbound and saw that it wasn’t coming for 19 minutes, which would mean I would be late to spin class, so eff it, I went back to bed. Slept straight through to 7:45.

No working out for me today. Can’t breathe through my nose. I could see myself drowning in my own snot. Actually, hmm, the german wanted me to go swimming… is that a sign? :/

Got my new MBP today, holla!


On Saturday I woke up with my throat on fire. I can’t believe I have been sick twice in one month. The last time I was sick was probably 2 years ago, for one day, and now I am sick twice in one month!

I did not do anything yesterday, except rent a car and go to HMB to see Lisa. She microdermed my face and gave me a peel, exciting. I want to get one of those clarisonic things. Then for dinner we were supposed to go to Berkeley to see a friend of the german’s but I just could not get off the couch. Took some nyquil and got some sleep.

Today I was supposed to go see Patti at Pt. Isabel but it’s raining and I’m still feeling blah, so we’re doing a raincheck (haha, bc it really is raining!). So instead I think we may go to the pool and have the german give me some pointers. And go grocery shopping, do laundry, and unpack. At 4 we have our first BodyMarked meeting!

I really would rather stay in bed all day though.

Friday, 1/28/11

Spin class, lunchtime.

Today I was in spin class with this woman who just bounced up and down in 3rd position on her bike the entire time. 45 minutes. She is going to kill her knees. Boing boing boing the whole time. God.

I didn’t understand a lot of what the sub was talking about, I think we did tabata at the end but it was not 8 sets and not really :20 on :10 off.

Then I saw a girl in the locker room who had a cast on her arm and it turned out that her tempered glass shower door broke and sliced her tendon. Yikes!

Today is Thursday.

I got up and went swimming this morning, 1500 yards in a salty pool. That’s about 3/4 mile. It took me about 35 minutes at a slow pace. I need to swim 1.2 miles in the race at about this same time. So I better speed it the eff up. This is stressing me out.

I also lost my stone in my earring. What a mess.

This morning I got up at 5:45 and went to a 6:30 tread and shred class, which for me is death by treadmill. I was a little late due to MUNI being so painfully slow. That is a new stressor that seems so unnecessary; being stressed about the commute to the gym at 6 in the morning. After that I did a weights and abs class, it was ok. I think the instructors at Santa Monica were slightly better, but maybe I just need to get adjusted.

What is different from the so-cal tread and shred class is that in SF you get this paper. Here is a picture of it:

tread and shred

tread and shred

The reason why it is crumpled up is because once we really started cooking I was breathing so hard I would exhale on the paper and then it would go flying off the ledge of the machine. So I smushed it up and threw it. Just kidding, I smushed it up and placed it in the cup holder on the treadmill.

As you can see, they are not the highest mph, and I really could have gone faster but I erred on the side of caution when the teacher asked me my pace rates. This is due to the fact that April’s class just about makes me throw up.

Had a crap night sleep last night and didn’t get up in the am to spin but went to spin at lunch!

Hello, Equinox SF! What an incredible building you are in.

Got up early, ran from Kinsley’s house in Parkside to the beach and up the beach for a bit. It was great to see the sun come up… low tide. Mother Ocean is so much more attitudinal in No-cal than So-cal. She breaks long and hard and heavy compared to down south. It is no joke.

Then started my new gig and met some new friends and saw some old.

Today was my last workout at Equinox Santa Monica. I did April’s incredibly hard Tread and Shred class. My god that was a tough one.

Later that day we left LA and headed to SF for my next gig. Goodbye, LA, thanks for the memories and absolute incredible weather the last few weeks.

And hello, San Frandisco. It’s so good to be home.

Today I did something at the gym but I can’t remember. I think it was the Burn Bliss class. Yes, it was!

Even with “invisible weights” it was a super hard class.

It kinda grosses me out that the mats are so dirty. Maybe they should be cleaned?

Today I went out on my bike with the german up the PCH and just tried to get a little more comfortable on my bike. It was fun.

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