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Today is Monday. We got back from our road trip Saturday. (just had to remind myself where I was…)

I’m currently at SFO having a veggie burger, side salad, glass of Zin, and getting kinda buzzed. Cheap date! My flight doesn’t board for another hour so I am getting anther glass and a hot fudge sundae. I’m wearing my new glasses and they are messing with my vision bc they are so strong I think that is adding to my drunkeness. Oh well.

Today me and the German spun our legs out in GG Park. It was not only freezing but raining, joy! The German remarked that this was like winter weather and when I said, “nah it’s just summer” I think he got really confused/sad. I’m sorry but SF is not known for its great summers, and we were in deep GG Park, so we are talking at the beach, which is socked in a lot. He then said, “So you’re telling me it could be sunny in Marin right now” and I said “Marin! It could be sunny and 10 degrees warmer at Bruce’s house right now!” Microclimates, sheesh!

Last night after the B2B we had dinner at Indian Oven, one of my all time faves. That, Thep Fenom, and Cafe Axum all in a few blocks, good lord how lucky. Anyway there were just drunken DISASTERS all over the Lower Haight from the race, so funny. From the dude in the horse suit to the Smurfs with smeared body paint smoking and yawning outside of the Noc Noc it was just comedy after comedy. I especially appreciated the two sailors walking with an Asian hooker, although they could have been actual sailors and an actual hooker for all I know. I love the Bay to Breakers, it’s the most fun day in SF.

Now I’m still here at SFO, the German is flying Delta to NYC and I’m headed to IAD to see my mom. Headed to Brooklyn and/or Harlem this weekend. Should really think about training again since I’m supposed to do Vineman in 2 months. Christ.

Look at this! Best.Desert.Ever



I had off from work on Friday (yesterday) because it was Founder’s Day! How exciting! The plan was to wake up and hit the gym, but that didn’t happen because I didn’t sleep well Thursday (still sick; am now coughing). Instead I decided to ride my bike. Outside. Alone. I never do that. I really need to get the feel of my bike. So I talked to Stefan and he told me how to pump up the tires (don’t laugh, I don’t know anything about my bike!) and after one smashed thumb on the pump lever thingy I got it. So I rode to Golden Gate Park, and around for a bit. Then I decided to ride to the beach, which isn’t that far away. That went well. And it was in the 70s out! At the beach! People were using the beach like a beach – they had on bathing suits! They were walking in the water (which I am sure was 53 degrees)! It was like I was in So-cal. That went so well I decided to ride around Lake Merced, which was even hotter since it was away from the beach. All went great. The only time I almost crashed was when I was trying to get on the bike path that parallels the Great Highway, but I decided to just roll right over the manhole cover and all was good. I got back home 2 hours later, feeling really proud of myself. I think I am way less scared of riding in SF traffic because A. Nobody honks at you even when you do dumb things (triple lane change) and B., I spent the winter riding a cruiser in Santa Monica and that helped a lot.

Then later in the day I started really hacking up a lung so I couldn’t make it to Patti’s birthday, but I mean if talked I would start coughing and who wants to be around that? It’s just gross.

This morning I got up and I’m not sure why but I always have such a hard time figuring out when I need to leave the house to get to the gym by 11. It’s so whacky. Per the Vineman Training Program we have to ride our bikes longer now (2 hours) so I wanted to be on the bike at 10:30, do the 11-12 spin class, then stay on for another :30. Well last night was the worst night sleep EVER (I took Nyquil but still was up hacking up a lung the whole night; tried sleeping sitting up and just got a kink in my neck!) so I was so out of it this morning I thought it was 6:30 but it was really 8:30 (no glasses!). I got to the gym at 10:30 but not on the bike until 10:45. Class was good, Stefan said I was crazy to go since I was so sick. But I was just going to spin and not get my heart rate up too high (for me). So for 2:02:45 hours my heart rate avg was 139, highest was 156, and I burned 886 kcals. The bike computer said I went over 30 miles, is that even possible? I doubt it. I felt fine; went through 3 throat lozenges and 1 bottle of water. I forgot food (shot bloks), which sucked. Then I took a shower and went to West Portal. Hit the deli and got a protein bar and did some shopping. Came home and watched movies. Still can’t really talk without having to cough so I am just trying to be still. It’s hard. I’m supposed to go to Gene’s bday party at the Cafe tonight but I won’t make that either. I’m just going to enjoy some down time.

Tomorrow I am supposed to run for 1:15. I am just going to go slow!

Today I went out on my bike with the german up the PCH and just tried to get a little more comfortable on my bike. It was fun.

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